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i think it's high time i started over. [30 Apr 06] [14:04]
it's been a while.

what's up everybody?
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SLAM UR BODY DOWN AND WIND IT ALL AROUND. i love the spice girls :) [16 Apr 05] [20:42]
[ mood | amused ]

i was cleaning out the list of communities i had joined and found this:

click if ur horny

lame, much?

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FRIENDS CUT [19 Sep 04] [11:47]
[ mood | calm ]

comment if you want to stay ^_^

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[26 Jul 04] [21:33]

Trev has often talked about starting his life with Breea. And he has been plotting for the past few months exactly how to get that ball rolling! A few days ago Trevor brought Bree into the Diary Room to run a special poem past her. Crouching behind the diary room chair he recited:

Secure is my world whenever you're near
Pure is our love, as water is clear
Forever I want you to be in my life
Forever I want you to be my wife

omgz awww <3
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[06 Jul 04] [20:22]
ALYSSA!: I'm so sorry I couldn't call you, mum was on the phone the rest of the night and today I went out and my cousin was over...I SWEAR that I'll ring you tomorrow and we'll organise something. luv u <3
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